The vision at Let’s Get Real Nashville is to create something the world has never seen before. In an industry as old as advertising, radio, and country music, we at LGRN plan to break barriers and open doors in a new and awe inspiring way. We feel that advertising and brand awareness can ALSO be entertaining. Let us be be a part of creating a megawatt brand for you! 



The value added by partnering with LGRN is truly amazing. We are capitalizing on the new generation of social media and the american need to follow, like, and hashtag everything we do.  And especially everything those we look up to and love. We at Let’s Get Real Nashville are partnering the artists of today with the brands of tomorrow to create a cross promotion epicenter for your brand. By partnering our artists who have thousands of followers to a company with an amazing story, we are turning diehard fans into loyal customers of these amazing companies. All without putting your money into expensive and unreliable marketing agencies and Adwords providers.

Our fans turned customers are going to save you tens of thousands of dollars over the traditional pay per click model. Get started with our family at LGRN today! 


how it works

We are a team that creates a compelling branding campaign for your company to grow bigger and better than ever before.  After discussing your needs with our CEO, Lyndsey, we will pair you with a musical artist that believes in what you do and makes sense for your desired customers. Then, we launch a live event that celebrates that artist pairing and is the beginning of your natural growth. We will then deliver post show content for your company and guide you and the artist on an effective cross promotional plan. Through this relationship, more eyes are on your products, more ears hear your story, your WHY, all in a natural, human to human way.  This makes for honest growth, and an entertaining way to touch the hearts of new and existing customers.